James Green

I’m writing to say how pleased my wife and I are with NS Heating & Cooling. From making a phone call to post-repair, they were nothing but the best. The task wasn’t very easy, but they finished it with an impressive workmanship.

Alex Windfree

The cost is the most important reason why I always take service from NS. The second thing is when I talk to them over phone, I enjoy speaking to the guy that says me the price they’re going to charge for the piece of work. They’re very knowledgeable. For example, if I ask any question… read more

Miriam Gray

The service was wonderful. I called NS Heating & Cooling and they were very responsive. Their man scheduled the installation the next day and they reached my home. The installation process took nearly half a day. Overall, they performed a fast work and appeared to be very professional.

Alex Redmind

They did a fantastic job. They were very swift. They repaired some damage within the inside wall of my AC very quickly and professionally. Their quotes are reasonable, and the technicians were friendly enough. Getting them to work is very easy. To deal with them is a professional and pleasant experience. So, to say, NS…

Richard Remmington

NS Heating & Cooling worked at the house of one of my cousins and she recommended them to me. I’d pleasant interactions with their men. They came to set up my unit and the installation was fine. But the technicians could have been a bit more organized. They didn’t have all the tools/parts they needed… read more

Helen Blackwood

NS is just wonderful. Anytime I’m worried about my HVAC system, they respond right away. Its technicians were here in my home very early on the day they told they’d come. They started and completed their work the same day. The NS men appeared to be clean about what they did. I can say confidently…

Robert Greenfield

NS was phenomenal. They arrived at my place, I asked them to do some repairs of my HVAC system and they did far beyond my expectations. I tipped them and phoned the owner and said to him he’s lucky with those men working with him. That was an incredible experience, and everyone in need of…

Rachel Smith

I bought a house that has an existing air conditioner which was set up and repaired by NS. The NS technicians have come out to my house a couple of times for some maintenance and they were very nice to me.

Alex Smith

NS Heating & Cooling was very responsive and the quote they gave was reasonable. The one I spoke on the phone was very friendly, and the installation team was very capable, hard-working and did a good job. I’m quite pleased with my experience with NS.

Diana Jones

They were very skilled, and they solved my all problems so quickly. They did the installation of my air conditioner. The NS guys were timely, and they finished the job promptly. Not only did they meet my expectations, but they were also friendly.

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