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When many people think of heating and cooling systems they think of large, bulky AC units and furnaces. However, a ductless mini- split system is a viable option for temperature and humidity control. The sleek design of these space-saving units make them perfect for bonus rooms, basements or attics. A ductless mini split, as the name implies, does not use ducts to distribute conditioned air. This makes them ideal for quick installations.

Ductless System Advantages

Quick installation: Ductless systems consist of a compact outdoor cabinet, sleek indoor air-handling unit (AHU) and a thin piping system, which allow for quick installation in generally one day.

Multiple mounting options: The low-profile AHU may be mounted flush to a wall, ceiling or floor. You may also conceal the AHU if there’s space in cavities behind these surfaces. Another popular mounting option is wall- or ceiling-recessed cassette.

Efficient: Many residential ductless mini-split heat pumps are Energy Star qualified. Super-cooling and dehumidification modes are monitored by sophisticated electronics — important comfort features not lost on Sarasota homeowners.

Zoned control: An HVAC technician experienced with ductless systems should size the AHU specifically to the zone it’s installed in. This offers greater efficiency and comfort personalized to the occupants.

Versatile uses: Ductless systems may be used for retrofits, add-on rooms, home offices, garages, pool houses, guest houses, rental properties, difficult-to-condition rooms and more.

Filtration: Select ductless models are equipped with high-efficiency filtration, which helps eliminate germs, odors and allergy triggers.

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