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Your HVAC system keeps you and your family comfortable all year round, but normally any systems have some problems from time to time. Trying to understand the issues of HVAC systems on your own is difficult most of the times, which is why our expert technicians at NS are asked a host of questions. We’ve brought together a few frequently asked questions and their answers for our customers to learn more:

Q: How often do I need to service my air conditioner and heating system?

Ans. We advise that you make a maintenance appointment twice a year (once for your A/C, once for your heating) in order to make sure these units work duly. Thereby, the NS experts can check the coils, filters, wiring, motor, housing etc so that you can have the best service out of your systems.

Q: How often should I replace my air filter?

Ans. An air filter is an important part of the A/C unit. It’s designed to remove dust particles to keep the air inside your building clean. This thing can make your system work less efficiently or even your system may fail if your A/C filter gets clogged. Hence, you should replace your air filter once every 6 months, but it’s better to change it every 3 months. This’ll increase the servicing life of your system.

Q: What should I do if my air conditioner leaks water?

Ans. Leaking water can damage your property and grow mold, mildew and bacteria inside your home. An air conditioner should be equipped with a safety float switch; if it isn’t there, call NS to schedule an appointment to set up one that can protect your home from water damage.

Q: My furnace makes a clicking sound as it starts. Is it okay?

Ans. A clicking sound is heard probably when the spark igniter goes through its sequence to light the furnace burners. So, you needn’t worry. But you should call us if your heating system lets out louder and more frequent noises.

Q: How can I know of whether my indoor air is harmful to my health?

Ans. In fact, it is difficult to attribute indoor air pollutants to a specific cause of a person’s ill health because there’re some symptoms that may not appear until years later. Common symptoms of exposure to indoor air contaminants are headaches, dizziness, itchy nose, scratchy throat, tiredness and nausea; but the serious illness includes asthma and other breathing disorders, even cancer.