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As a commercial HVAC service provider, NS offers a variety of HVAC installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services. With four decades of experience and 100% customer satisfaction, we have worked for many government and non-government companies.

A Leading Commercial HVAC Contractor in Washington D.C, Maryland and Northern Virginia

People who are doing commercial and industrial business, while deeming quality mechanical services, have relied upon the certified and trained professionals of NS Heating & Cooling in Washington D.C, Maryland and Northern Virginia for decades.

NS takes pride in delivering maintenance, installation, repair and replacement services of HVAC systems to commercial buildings and facilities in those areas.

We feel glad and proud that our expert technicians have the experience of extensive commercial works within this company. We don’t think only one person has brought this organization to the present stage, but it’s our whole team that are operating diligently office hours to satisfy your HVAC needs.

Even as believing strongly in the teamwork and emphasizing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction the most, our wings are designed to act very closely together by assisting one another to achieve a target successfully. Not only we specialize in providing the highest standards in service, but we also serve our clients honestly, friendly and respectfully. If you’re more interested in our commercial HVAC services, contact our commercial division.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Our customers find the best service for the maintenance of heating and cooling systems by servicing their old equipments to peak performance, thereby saving their utility costs and maximizing the life expectancy of their systems. Regular checkups can keep the HVAC system as efficient as the day it was set up first, lowering the chances of issues’ looming that can lead to breakdown of the system.

However, if your old unit isn’t worth maintaining or if you don’t want to spend any bucks for its maintenance, NS professionals shall recommend the replacement of your system with a highly efficient one to save your money and ensure comfort. Our preventive maintenance analyzes, tests, cleans, balances, adjusts, calibrates and assesses your system to protect it from failure and keep it running efficiently for years.

Renowned Commercial HVAC Contractor In Woodbridge, VA

NS Heating & Cooling offers undoubtedly reliable HVAC services by a prominent commercial HVAC contractor in Woodbridge, VA. We have developed our uncompromised process of handling all HVAC-related works, from installation to repairing to replacing perfection. Our team is well-qualified to work on your unit and make you see superb results. Hire our best team to install, repair, or replace an HVAC system. Contact us to know more!

Commercial HVAC Repair In Woodbridge, VA

Since our inception, NS Heating & Cooling has been providing excellent HVAC services. We are known for our reliable HVAC repair services in our local area. Our licensed team has all the required equipment, proper knowledge, and other things that come in handy while installing, repairing, or replacing a commercial unit. We will assist you whenever you need commercial HVAC repair in Woodbridge, VA. Contact us for a free quote!

Commercial HVAC Repair

With four decades of experience, NS provides its customers with all of those things they need for the service of their HVAC systems. NS is timely, resourceful, competent and always within your budget. Our quality works and commitment to customer satisfaction keep local businesses referring our services to others.

It’s very essential for you to know that a commercial HVAC unit isn’t something you can repair with a manual. In this case, you require expert technicians of a company with years of experience in troubleshooting the issues of AC or furnace and newer sophisticated systems.

Although you’ll find hundreds of companies out there for this job, all but a handful of them aren’t with the experience, reasonable quote and up-to-date technologies like our company. We don’t think you like to be hassled with your system going down just a few days after it was repaired.

Our experienced, trained professionals are certified and available around the clock to respond even to your most unpredictable service needs. So, if you’ve commercial heating or cooling issues, just give us a call.

Commercial HVAC Replacement & Installation

Our professionals at NS will reach out to you on call if you require a commercial HVAC installation. Assessing the building size, demands and budget, NS works with their clients to make the best selection for installation. We start working immediately so that you can relax with a feeling of being in our safe hands and your staff and/or clients can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere once you ask us to go ahead.

Our key target in the replacement of HVAC system is our customer satisfaction. NS wants to be a helpful partner in anything HVAC associated you need. We just don’t deliver an installation service and leave our customer. Each commercial establishment NS delivers services for has different demands. You could find yourself in a situation where a certain company costs you too much money or the system you use is too old, thus it requires to be replaced. In that case, our experts will consider an array of factors to determine the best option for you.

Our end goal is to create an advanced HVAC system for our clients’ commercial property that will cut the electricity bills while fulfilling all power demands to keep everyone comfortable and happy with our service.


As a commercial HVAC service provider, NS offers a variety of HVAC installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services that give peace of mind to many of most important commercial building/facility owners in Washington D.C, Maryland and Northern Virginia for decades. NS teams of professionals are well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies enabling them to come up with customized solutions which increase the potentials of their services and deliver the quickest response available when called. So, call us to leverage our expertise and service to fix your HVAC issues today.